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Corporate Bonds - High Yield


Are you interested to discuss about High Yield (Junk) Bonds with other investors? Share your view in this Community. The forum deals both with individual bonds and ETFs; not investing-grade Corporate securities (excluding Emerging Markets); in any currency.

Share your views and ideas with other investors in the Community. The forum does not require to create user's account and password. Simply submit your comments using your email address, that will not be published. The partecipation to the Community is subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


  • InvestopoliNews


    • 2 years ago
    Hi Hamid, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately till now we have not been able to find the coupon structure. Probably the only way would be to directly contact the issuer. BR
  • hamid


    • 2 years ago
    Maturitas Securitisation SA Bond SU% 2038-12 EUR CH0417569289
    would you please provide us with the interest step-up structure?
  • Kadir


    • 3 years ago
    Dewan Housing Finance Bond 8.50% 2023-04 INR XS1804974399
    Where should the bearer of the bond approach for coupon payment
  • InvestopoliNews


    • 3 years ago
    Hi Joseph, thank you very much for your comment. Please note payment is annual (not semiannual). First payment is on May 2nd, 2019. Depending on company's results Coupon has also some step-up bonuses. You can find further information in the prospectus (the documentation link in the bond board), it is double language German/English document on the issuer's website.
  • Joseph


    • 3 years ago
    PNE Wind Bond 4.00% 2023-05 EUR DE000A2LQ3M9
    When is the Interest Coupon be paid please and what date and month?

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